Private Sale Closed with Overwhelming Demand

UnoRe’s team is eternally grateful to the crypto community’s support of our groundbreaking project. We are excited to scale our operations, and we will have subsequent announcements coming along to update our dedicated audience.

Our private early sale has now been closed, with a staggering 2500 requests received within 7 days with over $28 million pledged. We have been fortunate to onboard several strategic partners who will help us in connecting to larger audiences, exchanges and projects in and outside the crypto space. The crypto community’s interest in our first of its kind platform has been heard loud and clear, and we will plough on full steam ahead to democratize and decentralize the reinsurance industry to provide access to all.

“We are elated to see the community response to our private sale and we are proud to see how much faith our strategic partners have in our groundbreaking venture. We will be the first in the world to offer a platform for reinsurance in the crypto space, and it is heartening to see the demand that our sale has inspired amongst the public.

- Jas Singh, Co-founder and CEO of UnoRe

Following the completion of the Private Sale, the UnoRe team are now focused on three main areas:

1) Liquidity- Rapidly bringing the UNO token to secondary markets for public participation. We expect the UNO token to be initially available on a DEX within the next month after our launch on a popular IDO platform. CEX listings will be negotiated shortly thereafter.

2) Market Expansion- Our decentralized reinsurance protocol will grow stronger and we will be announcing a series of high-profile strategic partnerships to unlock new products, markets and users. This is one of our key priorities. We already have a number of exciting partnerships secured and/ or under discussion. These will be announced in due course and should provide more insight into our strategic vision.

3) Development- Core to everything is the development of the protocol. We have announced our development roadmap and will be taking strides to complete all tasks on or ahead of schedule.

4) Reinsurance approval- UnoRe can immediately begin the closure of formalities to receive the necessary approvals to capitalize its reinsurance cell and we will be able to go to market at a breakneck speed.

We were oversubscribed by the second day of launching our private sale which has exceeded our expectations multifold. UnoRe’s operations will only expand from here onwards, and we are eager to begin working with our community. Watch the space for more info:

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UnoRe will be the world’s first reinsurance trading platform powered by Polkadot. Website:

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